Women’s Skill Development for Freelancing Marketplaces (WSDFM) Project funded by a Dutch Foundation. This project was designed to develop skills of 1000 underprivileged women of Bangladesh and engage them into international marketplaces as freelancers within two years tenure. After receiving training, 72% women of the total targeted population have successfully assured their career as prominent freelancers in multiple marketplaces and earning their livelihoods. Females of different ages and occupations like drop-out students, students, housewives are now self-dependent in their specific sector by these skill development courses and grow their confidence for future prospects and now developing themselves as an entrepreneur and also facilitating other women and growing themselves as an icon for others. This training under this project was very intense and job specific and the training was conducted by three mentors who was assigned for three different part of the training –

  • Skill mentor for sector specific knowledge,
  • Buyer Communication mentor for development of their English language and communication skill, and
  • Career Advisor mentor for learning about freelancing marketplace activities.

After completion of the main training there was a three month career advisory part including workshop, regular follow-up, online offline support to facilitated and ensure their activities and to develop their career. As it was a gender specific (Only for female) training, so it was highly prioritizes issue to maintain all kinds of precautions for conserve their rights and safety. Safeguarding policies are maintained with high priority.