Under Palli Karma-Shahyak Foundation (PKSF), CodersTrust Bangladesh is implementing SEIP project with a target to train 125 trainees on IT Freelancing and Graphic Design trades. The goal of the project is to develop a skilled workforce through skills development training and therefore placing them in productive self and wage employment which will improve their sustainable livelihoods. To enroll these 125 trainees as per requirement, CTBD collects more than 12,000 potential leads from FB ads, different campaigns, and community mobilization sessions. CTBD also assures more than 60% of job placement of these trainees. CTBD has already trained 125 trainees and from these trainees 85 already secured respective jobs with a promising amount of earnings and opportunities. As it is a residential program with training facilities so, CT were very much concerned to ensure trainees guidance, their suitable living places, behavioral attitudes, gender issues, religious issues, ethnic minority issues, extra care for disabled persons, ensuring quality food, maintain hygiene environment, a place for refreshment, updated safeguarding policy, well-organized lab, internet services, and quality training as well. This training under this project was very intense and job-specific and the training was conducted by three mentors who were assigned to three different parts of the training –

  • Skill mentor for sector-specific knowledge,
  • Buyer Communication mentor for the development of their English language and communication skills, and
  • Career Advisor mentor for learning about freelancing marketplace activities.

After completion of the main training, there was at least 1-year of career advisory support including workshop, regular follow-up, online-offline support to facilitated and ensure their activities and to develop their career.