The Story of CodersTrust

CodersTrust is a Global Company. Its Headquarters is in New York City, USA, with a world-class training school focused on online and offline education featuring top-notch training mentors. They have achieved their tens of thousands of successes to date high quality training methods, and both synchronous and asynchronous learning platform, to help transform people like you into future IT resources.

The company was born in 2014, and has grown steadily since, steadily expanding across new populations (youths, teachers, women who head households, etc.) and markets (Bangladesh, USA, Europe, Malaysia, Kenia, Kosovo, Polland, India, Bhutan, Somalia, Bosnia to name a few).

Our Focus

Creating quality content, improving training facilities, and launching state-of-the-art training programs designed to prepare our new generations as a strong competitor in the global marketplace.

CodersTrust’s IT graduates include tens of thousands of underprivileged, underemploted or unemployed people who are now employed across the planet, with the skills their require to be employed and grow their value in the Global IT market, all while earning far more money than they could previously.


CodersTrust has so far partnered with DANIDA, UNDP, World Bank, WFP, Dutch Foundation, Swanirvar Bangladesh, BRAC, CARE Bangladesh, Ministry of ICT Bangladesh, Ministry of Expatriates’ Welfare and Overseas Employment, Palli Karma Sahayok Foundation-PKSF and more to facilitate their ICT endeavors.

The company has been recognized by the ICT Division of Bangladesh, the National Skill Development Authority (NSDA), the Hi-Tech Park Authority, BASIS, and BITAC for its successful training and mentorship programs.

CodersTrust has been awarded and acknowledged as “The best IT training institute in Bangladesh and abroad.”

Join us so, together, we can achieve ever greater accomplishments for your quality of life – and our passionate mission.

Thank you.

Aziz Ahmad, Founder, CodersTrust

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