The Story of CodersTrust

CodersTrust was founded in 2014 by global business leader Mr. Aziz Ahmad, a proud Bangladeshi-American technologist and visionary, along with co-founder Danish Military Captain Ferdinand Kearwolf with a dream to bring applied education to the mass population at an affordable cost. By empowering individuals with the skills to break the traditional career challenges, making the local workforce meet the requirements of global skill demand, and helping them earn their living by learning modern digital skills.

Headquartered in New York, USA, CodersTrust operated in 11 countries in various projects with Danida, UNDP, World Bank, World Food Programme, The Rockefeller Foundation, Save the Children, and Dutch Foundation. Our work received support from the Danish International Development Agency, the United Nations Development Program, and a handful of venture capital funds from around the world.

In 2015 we started our operation in Bangladesh, with one campus in Dhaka and only one lab. One with residential facilities, we have five modern campuses in Dhaka, 11 fully equipped labs, and nearly 150 team members. Soon we are expanding our operation outside of Dhaka, starting with Chattogram and Khulna, with dreams of reaching the remote parts of the country.

Since the activation, CodersTrust Bangladesh has made over 60,000+ people self-employed by contributing to international online IT jobs and has achieved the reputation as one of the most trusted skill development institutes in Bangladesh.

Our Mission

The mission of CodersTrust is to connect underprivileged, disadvantaged, and marginalized groups of people – especially youth and women – to education and online labor markets thus, significantly increasing quality income-earning opportunities and economic independence. Combining education and job creation forges is a unique ecosystem. Here people are connected globally with a purpose and mutual benefit.

“Learn a Skill; the World is Yours”

CodersTrust Bangladesh believes that investing in the education of youths is something from which everyone will get benefited. The local and freelance market will have more qualified workers; our students will become financially independent equipped with modern skills, and nations like Bangladesh can earn a sizeable amount of foreign currency through online labor markets. Having that in mind, we aim to train 200,000 people in Bangladesh by 2022.

Our Vision

Our vision is to strengthen the CodersTrust Ecosystem for education and job creation on a global scale. Here each user would have the opportunity to leverage our services to learn relevant skills suitable for making a living in the digital workspace and providing a marketplace for clients looking to hire freelancers. We are ready to overcome the barriers to make skill development outsourcing education & training available for any age and gender with high earning prospects to bring financial improvement to lives in need.

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