We have taken an approach of a Teacher’s training program started from June 2020 to December 2020 and trained 10,000 teachers from different institutes around the country. The moto of the training was to develop the skills of taking online classes during the pandemic situation. It was an absolutely free program for teachers as a part of CSR activities from Coderstrust Bangladesh.

Individual Approach

Where we have collected 10,000 data from various sources, and among them, 9000 Teachers has been trained from 93 batches with 2 days’ training timeline

Institutional approach

27 different institute has been approached for this training, and among them, 1000 teachers have been trained from different institutes with 14 batches in 2 days training timeline.

  • Messenger Room
  • Google Meet
  • Zoom
  • Stream yard
  • MS team
  • YouTube
Total impact
  • Teachers are capable to take the class online
  • Total online class management
  • Teachers are able to create Digital class content.
  • Can share their content through screen sharing
  • Can preserve and store class content in google drive
  • Student assessment and online exam