Skills Training through Online for New-normal Generation for IT related occupations (STRONG – IT) Project (Pilot) funded by BRAC, currently ongoing with a target to develop IT skills of 850 youths of Bangladesh through online training. Started from November, 2020 and 850 trainees successfully completed respective training and receiving post-training career advisory support from CTBD for establishing their career as freelancers and 56% of them worked in different national and international marketplace and local job as well. To enable an inclusive environment, special focus has been given to women and the minority groups of the society, aligning to the goal of national skills development policy. The shock of the COVID-19 pandemic has affected Bangladeshi job market, especially the youth.

Among the different vulnerabilities, it has unearthed the necessities of digital platforms for continuing quality skills training. The initiative is designed to create future-ready professionals by introducing 21st-Century Skills of Computer and Technology and ICT based courses to provide learners to get access to quality training using technology and online platforms. The skills program intends to select training implementation partners to train and equip the learners to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of the post-pandemic job market. This training under this project was very intense and job specific and the training was conducted by three mentors who was assigned for three different part of the training –

  • Skill mentor for sector specific knowledge,
  • Buyer Communication mentor for development of their English language and communication skill, and
  • Career Advisor mentor for learning about freelancing marketplace activities.

Already 56% of the completed trainees are working in different international marketplace.