CodersTrust was founded by global business leader Mr. Aziz Ahmad, a proud Bangladeshi-American visionary with a dream to bring applied education to the mass population at an affordable cost; empowering individuals by breaking the traditional career challenges to make the local workforce meet the requirements of global skill demand, and to help them earn their living by learning modern digital skills. Along with co-founder Danish Military Captain Ferdinand Kjærulff, he commenced its operation from Denmark in 2013 in presence of Sir Richard Branson and Morten Lund based on their ideas and beliefs to make IT skills accessible to everyone around the world. Coderstrust set a goal to make the local workforce meet the requirements of global skill demand.

Aziz Ahmad

Chairman & Co-Founder, CodersTrust

Aziz Ahmad is the founding father of CodersTrust, a thought-leader on the evolving next global economy, and a seasoned technology entrepreneur who has founded multiple ventures on global impact. He is also the CEO of UTC Associates, Chairman of the U.S. Bangladesh Global Chamber of Commerce, and was the lead architect of AT&T's 21st-century network. From being a keynote speaker at the Vatican to helping share AI strategy for the European Union. He is constantly in action to help make an impact for a better world.

Ferdinand Kjærulff

Co-Founder, CodersTrust

Ferdinand Kjærulff was a Danish military captain, as well as an entrepreneur and investor. Facing heartbreaking challenges he experienced during his services in Iraq, he was inspired to do something better for the world. He is also the CEO of GrowthBond and a visionary who is challenging traditional business models to cater to the needs of the future.

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