Sujon Kumar Dey

Sujon Kumar Dey


Web Development

About Me

I am Sujon Kumar Dey. Professional freelancer, Mentor/Trainer, Fast, Responsible, Certified, and Experienced Web Developer with PHP, Laravel, WordPress skill & also experienced in Digital Marketing. Working as a Professional Web Developer and Mentor since 2018. I have skilled and experienced in front-end and back-end development. I am well-versed in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Boostrap and various web development frameworks and CMS such as Laravel and WordPress. I am also proficient in database management systems such as MySQL,SQL. I am a quick learner with a strong problem-solving mindset that enables me to develop effective and efficient solutions. With excellent communication and collaboration skills, I can collaborate with clients, stakeholders, and team members effectively to deliver high-quality web applications.

Expertise Areas

  • Front End Development
  • JavaScript and jQuery
  • Laravel Framework
  • WordPress Theme Development
  • WordPress Theme and Plugin Customization

Other Information

Working Experience : 5+ Years
Number Of Trained Students : 300+

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