Is Freelancing A Good Career Option?


Is Freelancing A Good Career Option?

Freelancing is like a contractual office to me. There are more than 1 billion freelancers worldwide and the number will increase exponentially in the upcoming years.

The question may arise why this platform is so popular these days. The answer is pretty simple. The majority of offices were shifted online during the recent pandemic. Many workers lost their jobs. With the decrease in physical work opportunities, online activities took a great peak.

Many people moved towards online based activities that are known as freelancing. That is the time when freelancing started to get renowned.

Side by side, a common scenario in the growing countries like Bangladesh is a deficiency of job vacancies. Millions of students graduate every year in Bangladesh. But the job vacancy is not even 10% of the graduates.

So where will they go? It creates poverty in the country’s economy. As these people can not perform any productive activities, they just remain as extra load.

For these people, freelancing can be a great opportunity. As you only need good skills and there will be tons of scopes open for you. That’s why freelancing is getting popular very frequently.

Now when it comes to career opportunities, is it safe to choose freelancing as a career option? The answer will vary depending on several perspectives.

What is your freelancing profile or status? Do you get tasks every day? Do you bid every day? Are you active on freelancing marketplaces all time? Can you stay awake at night?

These questions may sound funny if you are a beginner or new to freelancing. But if you are already successful in freelancing, then you will surely get my point.

Since we are considering freelancing as a career option, we will discuss both the pros and cons. You will be open to multiple job opportunities. So you can choose according to your flexibility and expertise. You are flexible to choose your work schedule. You may work at night or in the evening or anytime you feel ok. Side by side, you will be your boss. Moreover, freelancing is a good option for extra income.

When it comes to a full-time career option, I do not think it will be a wise decision. Because here the income is uncertain. In some months you will get lots of orders, where again in some months there will be no suitable job available.

Again, suppose you live with your family and you need to give time to them. Here your chances to find jobs are a little less. Because you need to remain active as much as possible to get jobs. If you can not bid when any buyer posts a job, you will consistently lose your chance to get visible on this platform.

So freelancing is for you if you can manage enough time from your daily schedule. And most importantly you need to have a good skill set and highlight it in your gig so that buyers can easily see it.

Now, you know all the conditions. So decide, whether freelancing can be a career option for you or not.

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