Freelancing as a Career: Expectations

Freelancing Expectations

Freelancing as a Career: Expectations

 Freelancing as a job gives you complete freedom of life where you are your boss. You can manage and schedule workload according to yourself.

Behind every good picture, there is always some hidden truth that is overlooked most of the time. In this blog, I will try to bring out all the realities of a freelancing career in front of you.

What Do You Expect?

  • Break The Shackle

Freelancing is an exciting career option if you can’t enjoy the shackle of a regular 9 to 5 schedule. All the corporate sectors in Bangladesh maintain a fixed working period where you are bound to work whether you feel good about it or not.

Some days you may feel exhausted, someday you may feel bored. But whatever it is, you will have to stay at the office and finish your task on time. Otherwise, you can’t leave your desk.

  • Open To Any Skill

Freelancing is an open field. Here you will find jobs with every skill. So, be experienced in any particular skill and explore your ideas with the buyers.

Thus you can gain the buyer’s trust and they will feel free to communicate with you. Because success in freelancing not only depends on your skill, it also depends on how good you are as a communicator.

  • Explore Each Community

After being a freelancer, you will no longer work for a particular person or a company. You will have the freedom to work with people from different communities and regions. Thus you can expand your network to the global level.

  • Sit Anywhere

The concept of freelancing is you can work from anywhere you desire. You only need to ensure your online presence. That’s it!

  • Schedule Yourself

If you are a freelancer, you have the authority to schedule your work as per yourself. There may be personal tasks to complete, sessions to attend, and other necessary objectives to meet. Freelancing as a career gives you the freedom to prioritize and set your workload which is unthinkable in the corporate field.

  • The Freedom You Want

The most common complaint of everyone who enters the job field is that they can’t sleep properly. They need to get up early every day. For them, freelancing is a kind of dream career. Here you don’t have to wake up early and face the unbearable traffic each day.

Moreover, you can fix your pay scale based on your skill and experience. Because of such flexibility, you can also focus on your physical and mental health. You can meditate, and perform a regular gym session. These facilities you can ensure only if you choose to freelance as a career.

Another blog is to come with the realities that you might face while going through a freelancing career. Follow that one for more insights.

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