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A global EdTech-based digital workforce development and skill-oriented education provider

Learn a Skill, The World is Yours

We are here for You.

You with digital dreams, spirit, a fine brain, no fear of computers and phones – and deep hope for a better future for you and your present and future family. And belief in yourself.

You – especially women and youth – who dream to improve your prospects:
– the Underprivileged
– the Underserved
– the Underemployed or
– the Unemployed

We are CodersTrust – your creator mentor and path to freedom.

We are one of the best and most heartful Global ICT Skills and Workforce Development Institutes on the planet.

We have already trained over 60,000 youth and 10,000 teacher, women and men graduates to join the global digital marketplace as competitive entrepreneurs, rising above poverty as they do so.

We open doors that empower individuals.

We will help you Learn and helps you earn as competitive entrepreneurs. Please join us.


“If you can dare to dream, we will make it happen,” says Aziz Ahmad, the Founder Chaiman of CodersTrust. Mr. Ahmad, a Bangladeshi American who grew up with nothing, believed in himself – and is now an award winning IT visionary and entrepreneur. Aziz’ passion is the education of you, our people, allowing you to access new opportunities to manifest your greatness, and gradually realize your freedom while taking part in the Global market for talent.

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