Md. Musfiq Rahman

Mentor - Responsive Web Design

Name: Md. Musfiq Rahman

Designation: Mentor – Responsive Web Design

Department: Education Department

Education: Electrical and Electronics Engineering


About Me: Greetings! I am Musfiq, who has been crafting the glamour of web development for the past 5 years. I bear expertise in WordPress Customization, any kind of WordPress Enhancement and growing more and more proficient in the art of WordPress development. HTML and CSS have been my passion which have further been agonized by the gain of knowledge in script language like Javascript, SQL and so on. My inspiration is “Industry is the key to Success”. So, I want to provide the best to earn the most. Working Experiences: About 5 years of working experience in the arena of web development.

Number of batches completed: 3

Number of trained students:  60+