Freelancing Innovation Contest 2021

CodersTrust Bangladesh started “Freelancing Innovation Contest 2021” to promote freelancing to the next level. 

This Call for Innovation seeks to identify innovative and feasible ideas to disrupt the present freelancing landscape. There are lots of challenges freelancers are facing in Bangladesh. Understanding the market opportunities, develop world-class skills, getting jobs, and quality project delivery – those are all needed special attention to be successful as a freelancer. We like to uplift the freelancing industry in Bangladesh by creating more organized freelancer teams to fight the competition, securing continuous work orders, and explore the opportunity in new freelancing verticals.

The goal is to set up 10 organized freelancing teams and ensure one lac USD foreign revenue by the end of 2021.

CodersTrust Bangladesh (CT) is a multinational company and is the first and largest International Freelancer & outsourcing training center in Bangladesh, providing on-campus and online professional training in Bangladesh.

We aim to transform the obstacles towards proper education and youth unemployment into an “investable” opportunity to be self-employed and earn money from home. 

We bridge the gap between the global and local workforce as well as the skill gap between supply and demand.

Our mission is to transform human resources, predominantly youth into skilled professionals to improve their lives. We believe in a borderless world with equal opportunities for everyone. We believe the freelance marketplace will make this happen.

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