Online Accounts Management System Course In Bangladesh

  • Duration 32 Hours
  • Lectures 16 (Regular)
  • Skill level Beginner

Online Accounts Management System

৳ 30000

Accounts Management System Course will serve you with one of the most useful skills in the accounting sector. Enhance your work eligibility with the most popular accounting tools in the world such as QuickBooks & Xero.

Recently the Account management system course has become one of the most challenging courses. As per online resources, QuickBooks, Xero, and Wave are the most used accounting software worldwide. In our accounts management system course, we will focus on the two most used tools for accounts management: Quickbooks & Xero.

With the help of accounts management system software, you can keep track of all your business records. Company and employee incomes, expenses, and all financial transactions can be recorded. Thus you can monitor your business progress.

Our mentors have created an extremely effective course outline. You will be able to construct and add chart accounts and conversation balances, as well as handle customers, inventory, sales, bills, and related personnel after completing the course. Furthermore, freelance marketplaces such as Fiverr, Upwork, and others will provide you with several opportunities. All guidelines will be supplied in this regard. Moreover, you will have several options to work as an accounts manager.

Learning Outcomes

By completing this course, you will be able to get the following outcome:

QuickBooks & Xero:
  • Create and Add charts of accounts
  • Create Financial Statements and Organizational Reports
  • Manage Customers, Suppliers, and Employees
  • Manage Bills and Quick Expenses
  • Manage Inventory – Products & Services
  • Manage Sales Invoices and Sales Receipts
  • Manage Payroll, Lists & Tools
  • Add Conversion Balances
  • Reconcile transactions with Bank and Credit Card Statements

Course Highlights

QuickBooks Online (QBO)
  • Identify the benefits of using QuickBooks Online
  • Understand the steps to manage Company Settings
  • Recognize the features of Online Invoices
  • Identify the functionality of QuickBooks Payments
  • Define common QuickBooks concepts and terms related to recording transactions
  • Identify best practices when using QuickBooks Online to record revenue
  • Determine appropriate sales-related settings
  • Identify best practices when using QuickBooks Online to record expenditures
  • Determine appropriate expense-related settings
  • Identify additional transactions initiated using the Quick Create menu
  • Recognize the functionality of Recurring Transactions
  • Identify the steps to set up and utilize bank feeds
  • Determine the steps to reconcile transactions to a bank statement using the Reconcile tool
  • Identify the steps to set up QuickBooks Online Payroll
  • Identify the steps to find, purchase and access apps that work with QuickBooks Online
  • Determine the steps to utilize advanced features: multicurrency, preparation and reporting for forms 1099 and the Sales Tax Center
  • Identify the benefits of using QuickBooks Online reports
  • Identify common mistakes made in QuickBooks Online and how to fix them
Xero Online
  • Use various functions using Xero accounting software
  • Post the wages journal
  • Enter the opening Balances
  • Post customer invoices to the sales ledger
  • Post supplier bills to the purchase ledger
  • Add New Customer & Supplier Details
  • Enter the supplier cheques and record the customer receipts
  • Prepare the VAT return
  • Reconcile the bank
  • Post-Petty Cash transactions
  • Post adjustments to the accounts and produce the month-end report

Course Requirements/Pre-requisites

  • Accounting background – BBA/MBA
  • Basic knowledge of PCs, MS Windows, internet, and online proficiency
  • Basic knowledge of English (reading/writing/speaking)

Software Taught

  • Intuit QuickBooks
  • Xero

Course Module

  • Orientation and Getting to know each other
  • Using QuickBooks Online for the First Time
  • Managing Sales & Customers
  • Managing Suppliers & Bills
  • Working with Transactions
  • Managing Payroll, Lists & Tools
  • Advanced Features
  • Reporting
  • Marketplace Class (Fiverr)
  • Marketplace Class (Own Branding/SEO)
  • Marketplace Class (Upwork )
  • Marketplace Class (Freelancer)

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