Motion Graphics Course In Bangladesh

  • Duration 72 hours
  • Lectures 24 (Regular)
    18 (Weekend)
  • Skill level Beginner

Motion Graphics

৳ 40000

In simple words, motion graphics as a great source of storytelling combines animation and Graphic Design. As animation design uses not only simple visual elements such as text, shapes, or images but also engages auditory receptors to communicate ideas, it is more memorable for viewers than just static pictures. If you are trying to convey a message or information to the audience, this will help you do that easily and effectively. Through this method, you can convert your idea into animation by adding suitable audio and other features so that content will be more acceptable and understandable for the audience.

Motion graphics are pieces of vitality or digital footage which produce the vision of motion or gyration and are generally combined with audio for use in multimedia systems. Motion graphics are generally displayed via electronic media technology, but may also be displayed via homemade powered technology.

Motion graphics is a vitality, but with the textbook as a major element. Basically, it’s animated graphic design.

Ever since motion graphics first entered the scene, there’s been a debate about the line between them and full vitality. The opening credits of Hitchcock’s Psycho is an early illustration of stir plates, where the marriage of sound, motion, and graphic design come together exceptionally well.

What you’ll learn

  • Create beautiful motion graphics.
  • Create Motion Graphics to enhance your videos using a step by step, easy-to-use method.
  • How to use Motion Tracking, Camera Tracking, Chromakeying, Stabilizing and many more
  • Understand and Apply the most useful Visual Effects (VFX) for Graphics.
  • Use all After Effects Motion Graphics Properties and Methods
  • Work in 3D space with Cameras, Lights and Shadows and practice your new skills with 3D Motion Graphics Projects.
  • Logo Animation, Product Animation, Title Animation, Infographics Animation and Many more

Course Module

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Assignment Analysis, Test and Ending discussion on AI and PS
  • After Effects Basic, Key-frame & Timeline
  • Shape Motion, Effects and Presets
  • Text, Title and Kinetic Typography
  • Animated GIF Banner & Lower Third
  • Logo Animation
  • Slideshow and Real Estate Promo
  • Short Video Advertisement
  • Promotional & Infographics Animation
  • Working in 3D space
  • 3D Book Promo
  • Chroma Keying, Camera and Motion Tracking
  • Character Animation Basic and Using Plugin
  • Fiverr and Marketing
  • Explainer Video Concept
  • Explainer Video Animation and Final Composition
  • App & Website Previews
  • Premiere Pro
  • Basic Visual Effects (VFX)

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