Front-End Development With React JS Course In Bangladesh

  • Duration 96 Hours
  • Lectures 32 (Regular)
  • Skill level Intermediate

Front-End Development With React JS

৳ 30000

React JS is one of the best open-source JavaScript libraries for designing user interfaces like social media apps, e-Commerce apps, education apps, and many others.

React JS is one of the best open-source JavaScript libraries for designing user interfaces. With the help of React JS, you can design social media apps, e-Commerce apps, education purpose apps, and many others. It is specifically used for Single-page applications.

Major benefits of React JS

  • Easy to learn
  • SEO-friendly
  • Helps to build high-quality and rich user interfaces
  • Fast rendering
  • Flexible and better performance
  • Reusable components

A study shows that React JS is the most loved framework for UI interface designing. Today almost 220,000 websites are using React JS as their core framework. It shows the popularity and demand of React JS.

Not all engineering universities keep React JS in their course outline. Moreover, many interested people want proficiency in React JS to become a front-end developer. CodersTrust took the initiative to mitigate your concern.

In our React JS course, you will be trained up with all the core concepts and how to build a framework. Besides, we will train you on how to find front-end development job opportunities in freelancing marketplaces.

After completing the course, you are going to be a successful front-end developer. Then you won’t have to seek jobs; companies will be offering you more and more salaries to work with them.

Course Module

  • Source Code Management (SCM), Version Control System
  • Introduction to JavaScript
  • Conditional Rendering And Looping
  • Core concepts of functions and objects
  • Dealing with simple problems
  • Dom manipulation and event handling
  • Exploring String and array methods in JS
  • ECMAScript 2015/ES6 and Object-oriented JavaScript
  • Introduction with API
  • API Implementation
  • JavaScript Tricky Concepts
  • Front-End Development Core Concepts
  • JSX, Props, State Management
  • Countries Rest API
  • React CSS Framework
  • React Router
  • Project using React CSS Framework & Router
  • Introduction to Google Firebase Authentication
  • Email And Password Authentication
  • React AUTH Integration , Redirect and Private Route
  • React Router and Firebase AUTH Recap
  • Getting Started with Node, Express, and API
  • Create, Read, Update and Delete(CRUD)
  • Deploy to Heroku
  • Personal Branding Strategy - LinkedIn
  • Professional CV/Resume, Cover Letter, Email Letter
  • Marketplace Class (Fiverr)
  • Marketplace Class (Upwork )

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