About Us

CodersTrust Bangladesh Company Overview

CodersTrust was founded by global business leader Mr.Aziz Ahmad, a proud Bangladeshi-American visionary with a dream to bring applied education to the mass population at an affordable cost, empowering individuals by breaking the traditional career challenges to make local workforce meet the requirements of global skill demand, and to help them earn their own living by learning modern digital skills. Along with co-founder Danish Military Captain Ferdinand Kearwolf, they commenced its operation from Denmark in 2013 in presence of Sir Richard Branson and Morten Lund based on their ideals and beliefs to make IT skill development accessible to everyone around the world. Coderstrust set a goal to make the local workforce meet the requirements of global skill demand. 

CodersTrust is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. CT’s work has been supported by the Danish International Development Agency, the United Nations Development Programme, and a handful of venture capital funds around the world. Realizing the economic growth potential of outsourcing and in developing countries, CT started its operation in Bangladesh in 2015. Md. Ataul Goni Osmani is the honorable Country Director of CodersTrust Bangladesh Dhaka. 

The company currently has offices in 4 countries (Denmark, Bangladesh, USA, and Kosovo) and it has managed projects in 11 different countries across Europe and Asia (India, Malaysia, Bhutan, Kosovo, Bangladesh, Iraq, Poland, Palestine, Honduras, Kenya, and Jordan). We are the only international skill development IT training center in Bangladesh. Currently, we are providing 11  courses in Dhaka Bangladesh from CTBD. We operate from four branches in Dhaka,

  • CodersTrust Banani campus, (Main Campus) 
  • Coderstrust Dhanmondi campus 
  • CodersTrust Mirpur campus
  • CodersTrust Mouchak Campus

Who We Are

There is an observation that a huge number of the population in our country are unemployed due to being educationally deprived. Besides, a large group of people is also jobless or doing low-grade jobs even though having a well-accepted educational level due to lack of adequate skill which can fit them with the current job market.

Coders Trust (CT) is a multinational company specializes in blended online Learn and Earn platform for people willing to upgrade their skills to do offline jobs or earn money online by doing jobs from home in several freelance job categories.  CodersTrustBD aims to transform the social problem of access to education and youth unemployment into an “Investible Opportunity”.

We are more than a tech company. We are a  people company to improve lives and work pattern. We consider ourselves as collective of Creators & Makers, Builders & Hackers, Mentors & Students worldwide. CodersTrust is the only international skill development institution along with the reputation of the freelancing training center in Dhaka where unskilled human resource transfer to skilled self employed professionals. 

Its operation is the ICT industry  based as a Bangladesh IT Institute which has been formed to 

  • Improve the lives of deserving people across the country towards financial independence resulting in economic empowerment by rendering international skill development training services & learning materials.
  • Help members with talents to involve in international top freelancing sites by providing necessary guidelines, supports, and solutions to increase online earning opportunities in Bangladesh. 

There is an asking of a huge number of people that “how can I earn money online”. Here, people get advanced knowledge about online outsourcing jobs on best freelancing sites to find their respective online part time jobs or student jobs, work from home jobs for full time or any suitable jobs and become successful freelancing professionals to increase the online income BD actively.  

As an IT training center in Dhaka, our main source of revenue is the services fees we are taking to provide skill development training and career support. Our business model is highly focused on creating an impact in social economic development by reducing the unemployment rate. 

While we are not a non-profit organization, we reinvest revenue/profit both to build company strength and to create a sustainable impact on society. To make our services affordable, and to extend our skill development training program along with a freelancing course in Dhaka, we build partnerships with social/corporate investors and development agencies capable of collaborating with us to bring socio-economic development to the underprivileged and disadvantaged part of all societies.

Our Vision

Currently, paid education and equal opportunities are limited to people that are born in certain countries whereas millions of people in developing countries are denied access to education. CodersTrust believes in a society and country development having the moto as “Learn a skill, make a living ”. As a skill development training center in Bangladesh, we believe that investing in the education of our youth is something everyone will benefit from. The local and freelance market will have more qualified workers, our students will increase their earnings, and CodersTrust will make money to expand the service to more people. Our Main visions are, 

  • Overcome the barriers to make skill development outsourcing education & training available for any age and gender with high earning prospects to bring financial improvement to lives. 
  • Overcome the challenges towards youth unemployment with a successful presence in the local job market and several freelance websites like Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, PeoplePerHour , etc by contributing online earn money in Bangladesh being self-employed. 

Our Mission

  • Be the state-of-the-art solution provider for developing a digitalized nation.
  • Be the best career consultation organization
  • Be a world-class skill development training service provider
  • Be the unique one-stop outsourcing support & solution provider. 
  • Be an efficient education/training provider to ensure quality and cost-saving
  • Making paid education available and affordable on the internet.
  • Overcome the unemployment challenges

Our professional skill development courses

  • Be the state-of-the-art solution provider for developing a digitalized nation.
  • Be the best career consultation organization
  • Be a world-class skill development training service provider
  • Be the unique one-stop outsourcing support & solution provider. 
  • Be an efficient education/training provider to ensure quality and cost-saving
  • Making paid education available and affordable on the internet.
  • Overcome the unemployment challenges

Training Quality at CodersTrustBD

  • The computer training institute in Dhaka ensures all course curriculums fit with current global IT industry.
  • Our training programs are provided on sophisticated highly equipped computer labs with Internet Connection and Multimedia Projector.
  • We provide quality learning materials like class videos, study documents, learning tools to students which are developed specially by CodersTrust.
  • Our mentors are proficient and industry expert, experienced 
  • Certification and crest at the end of on-hand training sessions.
  • Guidance with assignments, projects for quality output

Freelancing training and support to earn by doing work from home.

Training Capacity of CodersTrust Bangladesh

Currently, we have four training centers in Dhaka, Bangladesh with a numerous number of highly facilitated computer labs.  In CodersTrust Dhanmondi branch, there are two labs, three labs in CodersTrust BD Mirpur branch, five labs in CodersTrust Banani branch, and two labs in CodersTrust Mouchak branch. Each laboratory has a capacity for 30 students.

Culture & Values

Effective industry knowledge, professionalism, Teamwork, Creativity, Efficiency, Diligence.

Outsourcing Assistance

We, assist with guidelines on how to learn to freelancing on the following criteria:  

  • How to be a freelancer 
  • How to work on freelancer, Upwork, Fiverr
  • What are the best freelancing sites
  • How to start freelancing
  • How to make money online in Bangladesh
  • How to create an outsourcing BD profile as an Upwork freelancer and get approval
  • How to get Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork jobs?
  •  What are the beneficial freelancing courses
  • How can one be a  freelancer from BD
  • How can one earn money from home by doing home based work
  • How to get online outsourcing jobs in Bangladesh
  • On-demand query solving

Why to Choose CodersTrust

  • Free career counseling support to help in choosing the right course from the list of professional course in Bangladesh
  • Regular on-demand training of mentors to ensure their capability to handle advanced and latest topics.
  • 1 year after course 24/7 online & offline counseling support in freelance jobs through online working sites as effective freelancing training in Bangladesh.
  • We provide world-class skill development course curriculum to cope up with the current local and freelance job market 
  • After successful training completion, internship opportunity for outstanding performers.
  • Regular, Weekly, & Weekend courses
  • Strong global IT Industry Network