1. Coderstrust is a unique platform that educates and creates high quality freelancers in less advantaged countries.
  2. Coderstrust is the largest, best and most successful Freelance training institute in Bangladesh.
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Freelancing means working online for companies and individuals around the world. To become a freelancer you have to:
  1. Have an in-demand skill such as Web Design, Programming, Graphic Design or similar. There are many different skills you can learn, Check out our course list which has something for both beginners and experts!
  2. Set up an online profile at a marketplace website such as Fivver.com or Upwork.com and bid on jobs posted from around the world.
  3. Do the job and collect your payment!

Absolutely! Our courses are taught by actual freelancers, and we have turned hundreds of beginners into successful freelancers (check out their stories click here). To be successful, all you have to do is follow the course, listen to your mentor and apply what you've learned. We know you can do it, just like so many other Coderstrust Freelancers before you!

Some of our more advanced courses have some pre-requisites, just check our course page for more information.

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Your courses seem expensive...

Coderstrust isn't about making money, its about YOU making money. We hire the best mentors in Bangladesh and we are the only training institute that teaches you not just the topic, but how to turn those skills into a freelancing career. Each of our courses are designed to get you into the marketplace and earning.

Most of our students make back the course fee within just 2 months of freelancing.

No. While we do offer some of our courses in-person at our Banani campus , we only recommend this for our least experienced and newest students. Our online courses are much better for almost everyone else. For a full discussion of offline vs online courses click here.
Offline vs Online: Which one is best for me? Coderstrust offers both offline AND online courses in a number of disciplines but unless you are just starting out, our online courses are the best choice Advantages of online classes :
  • Work from anywhere, no traffic to fight, no running late, no sudden emergencies
    • Dhaka traffic can get really bad. Avoid the crush and work from home, or your favorite cafe, park or hangout area. The world is your classroom!
  • Get the exact same top quality teaching and results
    • Our courses and mentors develop all of their material specifically with online delivery in mind. You get the same experience, the same mentor support and attention and the same course outcomes
  • Get access to high value courses and 1-on-1 mentoring
    • Bangladeshi freelancers have joined the online community, and many of the best, most talented freelancers have adopted an online only lifestyle. Many of our top mentors and freelance heros can only be found online. Don't miss out on some of the best mentoring in high demand skills!
And the reason for online classes
  • Coderstrust is a 100% online: our sponsors are online, our mentors are online, our learning tools and platforms are online and MOST importantly, the jobs and gig economy we are preparing you for are online!
    • Get a leg up into the digital world by immersing yourself from the start
    • Online courses are the BEST way to get comfortable with the basics:
      • Skyping/emailing/using online tools for communication (remember this is the ONLY way you will interact with your future clients!)
      • Using online tools for reference, problem solving and research
      • Keeping up to date with the market and the latest in your field
    • Why give up all those advantages? Our mentors have helped thousands of students with even the most basic online skills. Many have gone on to become Freelance Heroes
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Click here to find our list of mentors and their skills. Our mentors are handpicked from the very best in their fields, and have a wide variety of skills. Register your interest for courses, and we'll let you know when we run them.

Coderstrust doesn't provide jobs, however our mentors are all experienced and successful freelancers that not only teach you their subject material, but how to successfully win jobs and make money on many different job portals. Our Student Services also ensures that you have the best support during and even after your courses.

No problem! Reach out to us any time through phone or email . We also love having visitors, so drop in on our campus anytime during business hours.