For the first time in Bangladesh, we are proudly announcing Diploma in professional freelancing to get you into the highest paid jobs as a freelancer in the shortest period of time with no prior experience required.

Learn from experienced mentors with a proven freelance track-record

Hasnain Islam Dolon

Front-End Expert

Minhazul Asif Islam

Career Advisor

Shahed shovon

Graphic Designer

Fuad Hasan

Digital Marketing

“The Professional Freelance Program is the result of 3 years of work and more than +2.000 students showing how it is done. We're now making it simple for you to become a successful freelancer


Everything included in the program


Invitation to join CodersTrust Agency


priority service from Career Counsellors

Get International Certificate

Receive first ever Freelancer Degree in the country


24-7 direct support with senior mentors


Fast track to become a CT Teaching Assistant & Mentorship


Free use of labs and high-speed WiFi

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Learn the 3 most in-demand skills

Follow a customized learn and earn path covering front-end coding, graphical design ang internet marketing 
Get instant help with technical roadblocks, and freelance projects from a dedicated support team

Get exclusive mentor support

100% Guaranteed earning

Guaranteed earning during the program and  seat with guaranteed income in CodersTrust's exclusive agency

Combine the three best CodersTrust courses into one program

Only for  BDT 60,000 

Follow a personalized learning path

You choose how to combine the three courses during the one year program. Learn at your own pace and engage with topics that are most relevant to you and your career. Our platform matches your skills with the courses and content that will help you the most in the long-run.

Freelance optimization

Front-end development 

Internet marketing

Graphical design

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Join online or offline class!

You can choose to take your classes in our centers or join online. CodersTrust live classes enables you to learn hands-on with a live mentor. Ask questions and get instant feedback. You’ll get to code live with hands-on exercises and pair program with the instructor or other student

Get a dedicated career advisor to ensure your success as a freelancer 

Get support from our world class mentors whenever you run into a problem on your courses or projects. Help is always one click away. 

CodersTrust and City Bank Jointly Offer First Ever

Diploma in Professional Freelancing 



Get International Certificate 

An international certificate on Diploma in professional Freelancing will be provided which will be recognized globally

Co-Founder & COO, CodersTrust



Absolutely! Many of our students have had little or no experience and have gone on to be extremely successful freelancers. Our course is designed to take beginners carefully through all of the steps to achieve their freelancing dreams

The course is appropriate for all high school, college and university level students who are comfortable with PC use, and have some proficiency in english communication. High level technical skills are not required!

If courses are taken one at a time, a full diploma takes 10 months to complete with no breaks. However, you can take up to 18 months to complete your diploma, and you can take more than one course at a time, depending on your schedule. We don’t recommend taking more than 2 courses simultaneously without careful consideration as this is a lot of material.

All of our courses will have students on the Diploma track as well as those taking single courses. Within a course, all students take the same materials, however Diploma students have personalised career counselling and mentor access on top.

There is no best order, although we have a standard track and accelerated track that is very popular! We recommend beginners start with graphic design as it is the least technical but all of the courses are fully developed, self-contained and have their own unique course outcomes.

A Diploma graduate has the added advantage of being able to create and market a total website solution, from design to coding to promotion. This creates a freelancer with the largest number of high-demand skills who can also single handedly offer a complete solution to clients looking for one person to manage their entire web presence.

Each job offer is tailored to the candidate and their specific skills and the current market. Thus a student with outstanding graphics skills may have a slightly different offer than someone with more interest in web design. However our guarantee is that all offers are consistent with market rates and the experience of the student. We 100% believe in our training and that you will be able to earn money as a freelancer after you complete our course. Check out our hundreds of Success Stories.

Absolutely not! We would love to have all of our diploma students as members of our agency, but we believe in empowering you to make your own future, and your own career. All Diploma graduates will have all the skills to earn a living as an independent freelancer as well as part of a larger company. The choice is always yours.

CodersTrust Global is based in Denmark, with offices worldwide. Our certificate is issued from our global quarters, and is a respected and internationally recognized professional qualification.

We announce our scholarship opportunities on our Facebook page, so keep an eye out for opportunities there. We also offer a unique student loan opportunity for qualifying students in partnership with City Bank. Call us for more details for the application and loan requirements

Check out our general FAQ or just reach out to us through the phone number: 01739561919, 01835518396, 01817022257, 01873130708, 01858884515 and email: We’re happy to answer all of your questions