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Courses Description

This course introduces the students to basic web design concepts and skills that will allow them to build professional website and modify existing website. Students will learn HTML & CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery this will include everything a student need to creating a website. The course strives to really make the student understand the core concepts behind the world wide web(www) language. This course begins with the basic coding language of HTML & CSS. The next step contains the use of elements in HTML & CSS. At the end it moves on to use forms, media and HTML5 in the website. This is an accelerated course for the students interested in learning techniques for creating professional websites using HTML & CSS. This course will show the students step-by-step how to build a simple HTML website from scratch. After HTML & CSS you will learn Bootstrap which will give you make sense about responsive website design and you will get a test of frontend framework. Learn how to design quickly responsive website using Bootstrap. After getting concept of responsive design you will learn jQuery which will give you website much more interactive features. You will learn how to use jQuery plugin which give your website more look and feels. After finishing front-end part you guys will get wordpress course which most demandable in online marketplace. You will learn wordpress theme advanced customization.


Totally Project Based Lecture, Power Point Presentation, Video Demo, Practice, Question and Answer session.

Learning Outcomes

⇒ Getting knowledge about complete website design from scratch

⇒ Getting knowledge about how to create website structure

⇒ Learn how to give attractive style to your web structure

⇒ Learn how to make responsive website

⇒ Learn how to give interactive feature of your website

⇒ Learn most popular CMS(Content Management System) wordpress

⇒ Through the course you will finish minimum four professional portfolios

Contents of Training

Of course, every Course has its outline. So before we start the lessons, we’re giving you the breakdown of the main modules and what you’ll be getting out of it

Section 1: HTML & CSS

HTML introduction
Basic HTML Tags
Intro About CSS
Integrate CSS in html
Concept of HTML Block
Creating Website layout using HTML & CSS
Design a web layout
Create a Form using HTML
Introduction to HTML5 Tags
HTML5 Media
CSS Elements & Attributes
CSS Selectors
CSS Box Model
Font style using CSS
CSS Combinatory
CSS Pseudo class
Creating Navigation Bar Using CSS
Creating Image Gallery using CSS
CSS Media Type
CSS3 Intro
CSS3 Attributes
CSS3 Transforms
CSS3 Transitions
CSS3 Animation
Other CSS3 Effects
Convert a PSD or Image file into HTML

Section 2: Bootstrap

Bootstrap Intro
Bootstrap Implementation or Installation
Bootstrap Grid System
Use Media Query with Bootstrap
Bootstrap CSS
Bootstrap Components
Bootstrap Javascript
Customize Bootstrap Default Style
PSD or Image file to Responsive Website Conversion

Section 3: JQuery

jQuery Intro
jQuery Implementation
jQuery Selector
jQuery Effects
jQuery and HTML
jQuery CSS
jQuery json
jQuery Ajax
jQuery Plugin Installation and Customization
Implement jQuery and jQuery plugin in your professional web design

Section 5: Wordpress

Introduction to Wordpress
Advantages, Features of Wordpress
Installation of Wordpress
Basic of post types (post and page)
Site settings (Reading, writing etc.)
Media settings and Integration of media(image, audio, video) to a post
Wordpress User Management and Roles
Comment settings

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$300 (24k)

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$250 (20k)

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4 Months

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