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Courses Description

Did you know that employment for accountants and bookkeepers is growing faster than average? Many companies in the world now looking for Freelancer to outsourcing their company books.

QuickBooks: YES, QuickBooks, which is one of the no.1 best accounting software tools using worldwide and the top managerial accounting program in the U.S. and anyone can put QuickBooks on their resume and become a QuickBooks Certified ProAdviser verifies the certificate holder has the knowledge and skills necessary to use QuickBooks proficiently in a business setting without costly software training.

Xero: Xero is also known as the "QuickBooks alternative," and comes with the same base capabilities as QuickBooks, which includes features like automatic bank feed, 1099s, invoicing, billing, expense reports, unlimited users and many more options. Additionally, Xero is one of the easiest accounting software and it has extensive user interface. Xero functions same as like QuickBooks, complete with an informative, aesthetically pleasing dashboard with a simple navigation bar.


Interactive Lecture, PowerPoint Presentation, Video Demo, Practice, Question and Answer session. Accounting & Bookkeeping using QBO, Training on Getting Outsourcing Jobs, QuickBooks Clean Up & Reviews.

Learning Outcomes

⇒ Identify the benefits of using QuickBooks Online

⇒ Understand the steps to manage Company Settings

⇒ Define common QuickBooks concepts and terms related to recording transactions

⇒ Identify best practices when using QuickBooks Online to record revenue

⇒ Determine appropriate sales-related settings

⇒ Recognize the features of Online Invoices

⇒ Identify the functionality of QuickBooks Payments

⇒ Identify best practices when using QuickBooks Online to record expenditures

⇒ Determine appropriate expense-related settings

⇒ Identify additional transactions initiated using the Quick Create menu

⇒ Identify the steps to set up and utilize bank feeds

⇒ Recognize the functionality of Recurring Transactions

⇒ Determine the steps to reconcile transactions to a bank statement using the Reconcile tool

⇒ Identify the steps to setup QuickBooks Online Payroll

⇒ Identify the steps to find, purchase and access apps that work with QuickBooks Online

⇒ Determine the steps to utilize advanced features: multi currency, preparation and reporting for forms 1099 and the Sales Tax Center

⇒ Identify the benefits of using QuickBooks Online reports

⇒ Identify common mistakes made in QuickBooks Online and how to fix them

Contents of Training

Of course, every Course has its outline. So before we start the lessons, we’re giving you the breakdown of the main modules and what you’ll be getting out of it

Section 1: Introducing QuickBooks Online

What is QuickBooks
Features of QuickBooks
Uses of QuickBooks Online
QuickBooks Center
Client Switcher
Quick Create
Gear Icon

Section 2: Using Quick Books Online for the First Time

Creating a new QuickBooks Online company
Company settings
Managing your account
Managing users
Custom Form Styles
Setup Customers
Setup Suppliers
Charts of Accounts (COA)
Deleting/Deactivating Accounts

Section 3: Managing Sales & Customers

Customer Center
Choose Sales Settings
Choose Payment Settings
Understanding Income Bar
Create a new customer
Create an Estimate
Convert an Estimate to an Invoice
Set up a Recurring Sales Receipt with QuickBooks Payments
Create Invoices
Send an Online Invoice with QuickBooks Payments
Create Credit Note
Create Sales Receipts
Create Delayed charges
Receive Payment
Create Refund Receipts
Deposit Undeposited Funds
Explore the Customer Center
Explore the Sales Center

Section 4: Managing Suppliers & Bills

Supplier’s Center
Choose Expense Settings
Understanding the Supplier’s Bar
Create new Suppliers
Create Purchase Orders
Create Bill
Create Expenses
Create Cheque
Make Payments
Supplier Credit
Enter a Credit Card Credit
Explore the Vendor Center
Explore the Expense Center
Create Form 1099 & W2 for USA client only

Section 5: Working with Other Transactions

Bank Deposit
Transfer Funds
Record a Journal Entry
Create Customer Statements
Inventory Quantity Adjustment
Bank Feeds
Tax & VAT

Section 6: Managing Payroll, Lists & Tools

Create a New Employee
Create a Time sheet
Import Data
Audit Log
Products & Services

Section 7: Advanced Features

Inventory Tracking
Recurring Transactions
Multi currency
User Management
Write Off Invoices
Close Books
Locations & Classes Category
Troubleshooting Techniques
QuickBooks Clean Up & Reviews

Section 8: Reporting

Report in QuickBooks Online
Recommended reports
Understanding Company Snapshots
Customizing Reports
Exporting to Microsoft Excel
Printing and Emailing Reports

AMS Using QuickBooks & Xero


Course Code :

CTAMS-101 & 102

Price (Paid):

$400 (32k)

Price (Deposit):

$350 (28k)

Duration :

3 Months

Sessions :


Certificate of Completion


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