Who We Are

Largest freelancing training hub in Bangladesh

CodersTrust is the brainchild of Ferdinand Kjærulff.

As a Captain of the Danish army he served as recovery officer in Iraq – as a recovery. He pioneered a recovery project with the allied forces, bringing internet and e-learning to the citizens of the region in which he was stationed.

The project was a massive success and inspired him to eventually create CodersTrust – supported by Danida – with a vision to democratize access to education via the internet on a global scale.

“We are taking on the ultimate challenge of our generation in achieving something that millions of dollars worth of bombs and military equipment can't do. And that is to create sustainable peace and freedom by rolling out an inclusive financial system with access to education & the labor market”

- Ferdinand Kjærulff, Founder & CEO, CodersTrust


58 employees


1192 students


$62K student earnings

Meet The Team

We are more than a tech company. We're a collective of Creators and Makers, Builders and Hackers, Mentors and Students from over 22 countries worldwide. We believe that freelancing is revolutionizing the way of people work and we stand by our mission to enable the next generation of IT freelance talents all around the world.

The service launched in 2014 in Bangladesh, which accounts for roughly 12% of the total market of freelancers.

In late autumn of 2014, CodersTrust launched their program with 20 pilot students. First batch of 100 students in Bangladesh started their course in March 2015. CodersTrust altogether with their local partner, Grameen Bank, plan to raise 100000 absolvents in next three years in Bangladesh.

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Student's Testimonials

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