Anik Hossain

Anik Hossain

Freelancing with Wordpress

Anik Hossain has been working as a freelancer on Upwork for the last four years. He believes clear communication is the key to success. He have worked on a total of about 100 different projects so far and managed to maintain a high feedback score of 4.99 out of 5.He loves working with companies from scratch, building up everything as neatly as possible. Working with companies with a well established presence is quite easy but it doesn’t quite offer him the challenges that are present in managing something from the start.He likes to put himself through tons of tests, acquiring new skills in the process.Before that, he used to work for local internet based companies.His upwork career have been amazing from the very beginning.

His years of experience in the freelancing market have taught him a thing or two about how to compete and win decent paying jobs. He firmly believes that the way you communicate with your client is just as important as how skilled you are in that particular field when it comes to winning a job among so many applicants. Well, think about it this way – suppose, 100 people applied to a web design job. If you were the client, would you have looked at all these applications? Most probably, NO! You’d only look at the ones that STAND OUT! That’s the thing…no matter how skilled you are, if you don’t know how to stand out among your competition,chances are that you will never make it a big shot in the freelancing market.

Subject area competencies:

  • Freelancing
  • WordPress

Years of Experience : 5 Years

Amount Earned : $30K+ USD

Linkedin/upwork/fiverr/facebook Profile URLs:

Testimonials :

  • Excellent job. Very good attention to details and ability to accommodate changing project needs. Also, very good communication skills; always responsive and easy to reach at short notice. Very strong technical web design skills as well – in particular, able to deal with all website issues to an exceptional standard and in an impressive level of detail. Overall, very good work.
  • He first won the contract by showing an interest in my business/church. He designed a shell of a homepage and sent to me without any payment as an example. I was impressed and hired. He did the changes immediately when asked. He is very good to work with and I would recommend him for others.
  • He is an excellent resource to engage for such projects. He was quick to understand our requirements and provide design options and was cooperative enough to accommodate change requests until the last minute and beyond! It was nice to work with him and his energy and commitment levels are commendable. we wish him all the best in his future assignments.