Digital Marketing

Course Overview:

This Digital Marketing Training Program provides a detailed understanding about Digital Marketing concepts, strategies and implementation, including planning a website, website promotion, email and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaigns and integrating digital marketing with traditional marketing.

Covering best practice and using case studies throughout, the session offers a practical guide to the core techniques in digital marketing. Online tools and reference materials are highlighted throughout, enabling delegates to leave with solid hands-on knowledge that they can implement immediately upon return to the office.

Course Module:

  • Module 1: Digital Marketing Overview
  • Module 2: Search Engine Optimization
  • Module 3: Pay Per Click Ads
  • Module 4: Shopping Advertising
  • Module 5: Display Advertising
  • Module 6: YouTube Advertising
  • Module 7: Mobile Advertising
  • Module 8: Google AdWords Certifications
  • Module 9: Facebook Marketing
  • Module 10: Video Marketing
  • Module 11: Social Media Marketing
  • Module 12: Email Marketing
  • Module 13: Online Reputation Management
  • Module 14: Google Analytics
  • Module 15: Google AdSense
  • Module 16: Affiliate Marketing
  • Module 17: Freelancing
  • Module 18: Live Project

Course Outcomes :

  • Basics of Marketing
  • Comparison of Traditional and Digital Marketing
  • Statistics of Digital Marketing
  • Benefits of Digital marketing
  • Latest Digital marketing trends
  • Digital marketing platforms
  • Digital Marketing strategy for websites
  • Career opportunities in digital marketing
  • Student will be instructed on the fundamentals of:
    • Effective branding as a freelancer
    • Creating an effective 100% complete profile on Freelance marketplaces
    • How to communicate with the client
    • How to bid and win jobs
    • How to manage projects and receive high ratings

Course requirements/ prerequisites :

  • Basic knowledge of PCs, MS Windows, internet and online proficiency
  • Basic knowledge of English (reading/writing/speaking)
  • Familiarity with coding (for HTML/ CSS etc)