Content Writing

Course Overview:

A web content writer specializes in writing publishable material for websites. Depending on his or her employer, a content writer may be required to specialize in one topic area. Unique job titles are associated with distinct kinds of content writing; these titles include copywriter, technical writer, ghostwriter, professional writer, and blogger. Content writers may alternatively be called content developers; however, this title also denotes jobs outside of the scope of content writing (such as content editing).

Course Module:

  • Module 1: Advanced techniques for effective writing
  • Module 2: Organizing content
  • Module 3: Writing style
  • Module 4: Logical sequencing of ideas
  • Module 5: Defining effective communication

Course Outcomes :

  • Students will receive language training appropriate for Freelance markets places and international client communication
  • Student will have working experience in all major freelance market places
  • Effective branding as a freelancer
  • Creating an effective 100% complete profile on Freelance market places
  • How to communicate with the client
  • How to bid and win jobs
  • How to manage projects and receive high ratings

Course requirements/ prerequisites :

  • Basic knowledge of PCs, MS Windows, internet and online proficiency
  • Basic knowledge of English (reading/writing/speaking)